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PC Pools can cater for all your paving needs. Be it to round of your beautiful new pool or to give your old pool a new lease of life our paving will be a great addition to your pride and joy.

We also cover any paving that is not swimming pool related.


There are 3 main types of paving. They are:


  • Concrete - Concrete pavers are highly used as pool pavers. They offer many traits and qualities that make them the perfect choice for your pool paving applications. They are also salt resistant, slip-resistant, and chlorine will not affect their colours. 


  • Brick - Brick pavers are manmade products. They are fired at high temperatures and produce many natural earthy tones. They are unaffected by chlorine. They are also smooth in texture and they are slip-resistant which is very important around the pool.


  • Stone - Stone pavers are productions of Mother Nature. They are quarried materials that are formed over millions of years in sea beds, riverbeds and the earth's core. They can be sealed with specific sealers to ensure that they become slip-resistant, salt water-resistant, and chlorine resistant. 


PC Pools can install any of the above and offer free no-obligation quotes. 

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